How to Purchase Music From Apple Music on iPhone or iPad?

When Apple updated the music apps on iPhone and iPad to focus on your music collection, your iCloud music library, and Apple Music, it removed all traces of iTunes, which had previously played a prominent role.

Yes, streaming music is all the rage, and for good reason: with offline playback and customizable playlists, your music collection is bigger and more diverse than ever. But if you want to own your music from time to time, you can buy it through the iTunes application.

  • On the downside, it’s now much harder to buy the music you discover and love on Apple Music
  • Even if the song or album is not supported by Apple Music at all, there is no direct “Open in iTunes” option
  • If you try to play a file that’s not streaming in the Music app, you’ll get a message saying it’s not available on your device

It appears that Apple has changed the way iTunes connects to music on iOS. But if you want to buy a song from Apple Music on your iPhone or iPad, the process is not quite as difficult.

How to Purchase an Apple Music Song From the iTunes Store on an iPhone or iPad?

1. Launch the iTunes Store app on your iOS device.

2. Browse the “Shops,” “Recommended”, and “Charts” categories, or use the “Search” button to find a particular product.

3. Click “browse” on an album, then click “buy” to purchase either the complete album or a single song.

4. Verify your purchase.

How to Get a Song on Apple Music and Other Streaming Services

We recommend that you download the free SoundShare application from Mateus Abras.

This application is like Instagram, but for music. It brings together several music streaming services in one place, allowing you to see what your friends are listening to, create shared playlists of songs (regardless of provider), and more. SoundShare is fully integrated with Apple Music, Spotify, and Deezer.

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