Christian “White” Metal

Christian metal is a musical genre that glorifies God and offers praise through its unique sound. It praises Jesus Christ through its lyrics and tempo, providing a distinct way for some people to express their faith.

Understanding The Subgenre

White metal, also known as Jesus metal or heavenly metal, is defined by its Christian lyrics. All songs of the subgenre are devoted to Christ, setting them apart from other types of metal music.

One key difference is that this subgenre can be popular among people who may not necessarily fit into traditional church culture.

Although relatively new, white metal has gained popularity among Christians seeking to express their faith through music. This style can also engage those who might be put off by other types of music, making it relatable to non-Christians as well.

Christian Metal

The Brief History of Subgenre

The roots of Jesus metal can be traced back to the Jesus movement, during which early Christians attracted to heavy metal began incorporating Christian lyrics into their music. Larry Norman is frequently considered the father of white rock and is credited with recording a groundbreaking album in the genre.

Notable Bands

Christian metal bands have been around for quite some time, even before the rise of bands like Metallica. Deliverance, one of the best-known Christian thrash metal groups, has been active since 1992, with their second album, “Bleeding Love,” being one of their most celebrated works.

In the 1990s, Seattle-based Christian metalcore band Demon Hunter released their debut album, “No Flesh Spared.” The song “Die Happy” became a hit for both the band and its fans.

Other notable Christian metal bands include Besieged and Besiege, who released their debut albums and signed with Blood and Ink Records.


Christian music is an effective way to reach out to people about Jesus. Christian metal, as a new movement, has proven to be extremely successful in raising awareness about Christianity. Bands are known for their fresh approach, with lyrics reflecting real-life experiences and genuine emotions.